1995. São Paulo - SP, Brazil.

Thiago 'Thia' Sguoti is based in São Paulo. Graduated in the Visual Arts degree course at Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas. Is a non-binary person, an artist whose research involves ways of rethinking social behaviors aimed at gender performance. Is constantly on a journey of self-knowledge demystifying and decoding symbologies of the world. Has already participated in collective and individual exhibitions and currently works on gender and beauty issues.


Activist LGBTQIA+, Thiago 'Thia' Sguoti brings a criticism of the system of a gender imposition in our actual society. The artist interweaves performance, painting, sculpture and appropriates a mythological being to represent their ideologies in relation to beauty, sexuality and identity.

The mermaid within many cultures is a great symbol of feminine's aesthetic and sensuality. Your image is already an stereotype rooted in the collective unconscious of people, as well as gender assimilationist policies present even within the LGBTQIA+ community.

The artist confronts such impositions by disfiguring an icon of beauty, aiming to cause strangeness and reflection. A fish-headed woman in a human body is not a conventional thing to expect. The idea of ​​a woman half fish only from the waist down, as well as female and male expressions corresponding to heteronormative ideals, are already

pre-established standards.

Sguoti seeks to provoke a reflection on the binary system we live in and how to better understand other different ways of existing beyond that system.


Solo Exhibitions 

2016 | Limites do Inconsciente - Galeria Aloísio Magalhães. Centro de Cultura Raul de Leoni. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Collective Exhibitions 

2020 | 25th SAV - Salão de Artes Visuais de Vinhedo. Centro de Exposições e Galerias Edilson Caldeira. São Paulo, Brasil.

2019 | Re-Arte Project 2nd edition. Sociedade das Artes. São Paulo, Brazil.

2019 | 2nd Art Meeting VIVIEUVI. Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas (E.B.A.C.). São Paulo, Brazil.

2018 | 1st Art Meeting VIVIEUVI. Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas (E.B.A.C.). São Paulo, Brazil.

2018 | 69th Salão de Abril. Casa do Barão de Camocim. Ceará, Brazil.

2018 | Eixo Collective 3rd edition. Galeria EIXO - Fábrica Bhering. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016 | Corpo Presente - Cazamais. São Paulo, Brazil.  

2016 | Fundação - Ateliê Braço Forte Contemporâneo. São Paulo, Brazil.

2016 | Qual é o seu link? - Centro de Artes Calouste Gulbenkian. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016 | L.O.T.E. - 6th edition. Instituto de Artes da UNESP. São Paulo, Brazil.

2016 | Eixo Collective > july. Galeria EIXO - Estúdio Dezenove. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

2016 | Festival Instantâneo de Performance Urgente - Função. Espaço Nulo. Tocantins, Brazil. 

2015 | Novas Impressões. Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade. São Paulo, Brazil.

2014 | L.O.T.E. - 4th edition. Instituto de Artes da UNESP. São Paulo, Brazil.

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